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Wood Display Storage Wine Rack with Glass Cups Hanger

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Wooden wine rack is kind of three-in-one storage for wine bottles, wine glass and wood holder.


So, all of this add to the functionality for this wine bar. Dimmed candles in the charming night, if there is some wine for you and your guests, everybody might be cheer for your considerate idea. Then how you can miss an omnipotent wine rack stand to help you be better house owner. In the dining room serving, you could access the open area- wood holder easily to get the bottle, glass or dishes if needed. Besides, the up-side-down bottle storage could also be an eye-catching decor in your home, making it ideal for placement anywhere in a room. Compared with the only bottle storage, only glass hangers, this triple purpose rack would bring you the maximum of the usage for your wine something, as well as the storage area of your room.


You do not need to worry about the assemble. It is terribly easy to assemble according to instruction, so that you could own an three-in-one wine bar in your dining place quickly. Don't miss this wine rack!


  • Simple, knock-down assembly ensures that setting up is a snap
  • High quality durable, long lasting construction
  • The trusted source for stylish furniture
  • Three-in-one design give maximum usage
  • The upper wood holder add to the functionality
  • Assemble required
  • Color: Vintage brown
  • Material: Pine &amp MDF
  • Overall dimensions: 23" x 14" x 33" (L x W x H)
  • Size for wood holder: 23" x 14" x 1.7" (L x W x D)
  • Diameter for big hole: 3.5"
  • Diameter for small hole: 1.5"